interactive dance performance with Runabout project, 2012 Azamen is a series of interactive dance performances […]

Thank You

interactive video installation with Mariy Rosen, 2012 Among the central themes in interactive works is […]

Playing The Artist

interactive video installation, 2011 Young men and women stare at you from the wall. The […]

The DNA of Words

sound performance with Runabout project, 2011 – 2014 The DNA of Words is a series […]

Universal meeting

interactive art action in urban space, 2010 A worn out armchair, an old telephone and […]


Duration: 8:00, colour, stereo sound, 2010 Beating as a physical phenomenon in acoustics is used […]


interactive video installation, 2010 “Leander…, who was always thinking not of tomorrow, but of the […]


interactive video installation, 2010 In the audio-visual instalation Up:Down the leading part is played by […]

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