pictures: Albena Baeva, Rene Beekman

What can we expect of the near future? What awaits us in the next 25, 50 or even 100 years? Even if we would be able to foresee future developments, would an understanding of global threats change the course of history?

In the installation Prime Radiant, the author presents a series of drawings, that represent several possible near and distant futures. The name of the installation is taken from the novels of writer Isaac Asimov. The Prime Radiant there is a machine that calculates and predicts the future using mathematical equations. The drawings have been encoded, leaving the audience with the task to “decode” the images. As in the children’s drawing game “connect the dots”, the audience has to connect the markers following the instructions of the artist in order to uncover the image. The audience is invited to create their versions of the drawings and to add those to the boards. Thus, the collective drawing will point to what the future holds for us.

Prime Radiant was part of the solo exhibition “What If …” that took place in Contemporary Space, Varna in april 2014.

Prime Radiant was also part of the Nominee exhibition for Baza Award 2014 and was nominated for “Yordan Parushev” 2014 contest.

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