pictures: Albena BAeva, Zoran Georgiev

The installation The Last Benjamin consists of a bicycle simulator in front of which is a pedestal with a glass showcase on top. In the showcase we see a living plant; a Ficus benjamina. Participation by the audience is key to this installation. Only when someone will climb on the bicycle simulator and cycle until they start sweating, the plant will receive a few drops of water. When the humidity inside the showcase is either too high or too low, an alarm will go off, telling the audience to either cycle more or to stop and get off the simulator.
The relationship between audience and plant is a metaphor for our impact on our environment. The balance is somewhere within the struggle of both sides to survive.

The Last Benjamin was part of the solo exhibition “What If …” that took place in Contemporary Space Gallery, Varna in april 2014.

The Last Benjamin was also part of the Nominee exhibition for Baza Award 2014.


technical assistance (hardware and software): Stefan Donchev

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