interactive dance performance with Derida Dance, 2012

ARTeFACT is a multimedia dance performance focusing on the pursuit of new identity that overcomes social and cultural boundaries. Such processes often accompany the modern nomad-artist in his search for opportunities for being a creator and not a product in the globalized world. The action develops through interaction between visual medium, sound and body, which allows focusing on different stages and on formation of an individual point of view.

For this solo performance Albena Baeva creates generative visual media that interacts with the dancer using motion capture technologies. The concept and choreography are created by Jivko Jelyazkov, the dancer is Jungin Lee from South Korea and the music is written by Ivan Shopov. This is one of the most successful dance performances by Derida Dance that was shown at festivals in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary. In 2013 ARTeFACT was nominated for Bulgarian’s Ikar award for Best Dance Performance.

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