The musical wall MiReLa is a new multi-performer musical instrument for the urban public space. This sound installation consists of light panels that have touch sensors embedded. When touched, each panel plays a different sound. By simply touching several of the panels you create a melody.

MiReLa is the inner voice of the city, which merges with the noise of the busy city streets. Transforming an everyday wall into a musical instrument provokes us to re-examine our relationship to urban space, to the everyday routes we take through the city and the way we communicate with one another and with the public space around us. The musical performance is turned into game that provokes the imagination of both amateurs and professionals musicians in a funny and intuitive way.

The musical wall MiReLa was created and developed by the team of Reaktiv, consisting of Albena Baeva, Petya Boyukova, Stefan Donchev and Ivan Shopov. It has been partially funded by the Municipality of Sofia through the “Kultura” programme, as part of the city’s candidature for European Capital of Culture in 2019. MiReLa has been shown for a period of ten days in October 2013 in partnership with the National Academy of Art, when it was installed on the fence of the academy.

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