RIVE Performance

photos by Max Biskup and Atanas Maev RIVE responds to the question of the present […]

The Last Benjamin

pictures: Albena BAeva, Zoran Georgiev The installation The Last Benjamin consists of a bicycle simulator […]

Prime Radiant

pictures: Albena Baeva, Rene Beekman What can we expect of the near future? What awaits […]

Sudden Streets

short video, duration 8:00 min, color, stereo sound, 2014 Sudden Streets is a short video […]


Substitution explores the conflict arising from an intertwined global financial and banking system liable to […]


The musical wall MiReLa is a new multi-performer musical instrument for the urban public space. […]

The Eyes of Others

video for theatre performance, 2013 The Eyes of Others is a play written by the […]


interactive dance performance with Derida Dance, 2012 ARTeFACT is a multimedia dance performance focusing on […]


interactive dance performance with Runabout project, 2012 Azamen is a series of interactive dance performances […]

Thank You

interactive video installation with Mariy Rosen, 2012 Among the central themes in interactive works is […]

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