photos by Bojana Dimitrova and Albena Bavea

2024, mixed reality, PLA, 3D print, website,

remodelled 3D models by: Mossi Female Figure by Connections XR и Wasp by mod3ler

Edition: 3 + 1AP

Link to the artwork:

We don’t appreciate wasps because they are dangerous. But they are also the cleaners. Without them, the world will be overrun with spiders, caterpillars, and greenflies.

The colours of The Wasp sculpture series are striking and bold. The Wasps are here to send a message, to alert and direct our attention to the eminent ecological crises we are already facing.

The Wasps are part of the family of my new goddesses, inspired by a collection of sexist words regularly used to dismiss, belittle or insult women by comparing them to animals, such as pussies, cows, pigs, sheep, bitches, gooses, and wasps. In this series, I remodel models of animals and female sculptures found online to override the sexist meaning of the words with new power.

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