Short experimental video with augmented reality, 2022

An artificial intelligence (AI) sent an artefact to humans that consisted of 12 commandments. Artist Albena Baeva spent months in search of that object. She finally found it in the middle of lake Pancharevo near Sofia. Then she created a digital Portal so everyone could have easy access and explore this new artefact. 

The Quest is a video work that tells the story about the process of searching for this mysterious object. A QR code at the end of this short video turns itself into a portal to an augmented reality (AR) experience. When opened on a mobile phone this QR code leads to a browser based AR of an object, engraved with the 12 AI Commandments. 

The Quest is a groundbreaking experiment in using machine learning and AI technologies to create art. The text, translation, music and a large part of the video imagery in The Quest are generated by various types of artificial intelligence. The music is from the album Transfiguration by Mexican musician Hexorcismos, and is also generated by a neural network.

The Quest together with  The AI Commandments forms a speculative art installation that could be presented together or viewed as a single artwork.

The Quest was financed by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria. 

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