video, 2021

Artistic collective: Ulyana Avvakumova, Albena Baeva, Evdokia Bannikova, Gulnara Ameri, Maria Kolpakova, Yulia Shalygina, Anna Legotina, Natalia Ostrovskaya, Valeria Putintseva-Ardanskaya, Anastasia Polionovich, Karolina Peskisheva, Kristina Syrchikova, Sofia Chernykh, Natalia Fuchs

Manifesto of Manifestos is the final result of the curatorial school Avant-garde LAB 4 curated by Natalia Fuchs by the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center presented within the framework of the “Aesthetics of Synthesis” festival on June 21, 2021.

“Manifesto of Manifestos” is based on the question of changing the role and meaning of machine message from the moment of its manifestation in futurism. Over 250 texts, written by art theorists, artists, and researchers, have been compiled by a working group of the curatorial school Avant-garde LAB 4 into a database entrusted to the manifesto machine. The current theoretical discourse of flat ontologies offers machines and people an equal existence in the world of horizontal relations. The generative function of the machine in the process of generating a new manifesto raises the question of the role of the machine in contemporary art. The study of the permeability of the boundaries of human practices opens up the possibility of artificial intelligence to be included in the structure of interaction between people and machines.

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