pictures: Sofia Kratchanova, Albena Baeva

Archeology of Тhe Present is an interactive video installation that is part of the exhibition Archaeologies.  Archaeologies presents two interactive installations with a common approach and subjects. The starting point for both installations is existing film material, through which the author studies different aspects of the experience of reality.

In Archeology of Тhe Present, phenomena from the recent past are artificially translated into a more remote history, directing our attention to the present. A collection of frames from half-burned reels found in the abandoned cinema in the village of Devetaki are rearranged through the keys of a toy piano. Each spectator can play their own film. Placed in the role of a musician from the silent film era, the spectator alone defines its history and tempo. The materiality of the destroyed reels tells a second story – that of the village of Devetaki, its population and the slow progress of its depopulation. The disintegration takes time before it becomes visible, but when its traces appear, the process has already become irreversible. . It takes us to places from the present, which disappear without us noticing.


text: Gergana Baeva

music consultant: Venete Neynska

assistance: Sofia Kratchanova and Vladislav Petkov

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