The performance The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds is based on Paul Zindel’s play and is directed by Mariy Rosen. It is a story about a mother, her two daughters, a dying old woman and a rabbit. They all live together in a former vegetable store. Since the walls consist mostly of windows, covered with old newspapers the outside world seems dangerously close to them.

The play is performed in the space of a former pizzeria.This is a natural sequel to the team’s previous endeavours to make theatre in real environment. They search for site-specific spaces which meet the basic needs of the play for action and setting. The differences between the theatrical illusion and reality are their main focus. For this play scenographer Petya Boyukova and director Mariy Rosen use the interactive installation from Albena Baeva’s urban action Universal Meeting.

The performance won Best Director (Mariy Rosen) and Best Leading Artist (Ana Valchanova) at Bulgarian Theatre Award Ikar 2015.


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