installation view from Sofia Art Week vol.5 at Doza Gallery

mixed reality installation, 2022
based on Solidarity Machine instruction,
plywood, eco leather, PLA, website


Solidarity Machine instruction:

A composition for a doll house -> (for Yoko Ono)
Imagine that you have a doll house in your garden.
Arrange the objects in your garden as if they were in the doll house.
The composition is done when you have arranged all the objects in your garden.


Work can be viewed at:


Solidarity Machine is a project by Albena Baeva and Gergana Baeva. It is an open online AI text generator that creates instructions for artists to follow. Solidarity Machine builds on the idea of instruction pieces as developed within the Fluxus movement, where the approach was aimed at separating an idea from its direct realisation. The generator is fine tuned on a custom dataset of historical art instructions by John Cage, George Brecht, La Monte Young, Yoko Ono, Lawrence Weiner, Bruce Nauman, Sol LeWitt, Marina Abramovic, Peter Weibel, and Miranda July. By changing the roles of artist and producer, with the machine becoming the main resource for ideas the project questions todays’ power structures, calls for solidarity and creates a platform for experimentation.


Doll House was funded by National Fund Culture. 

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