an interactive performance system

The Mocapton is an interactive system specially designed for movement-based performances. It includes a custom-built wireless sensor costume interface and audio-visual software based on MaxMSP.

The Mocapton turns the bodies of the performers into musical instruments that are capable of capturing sounds and video in real time, and playing them over and over again while modulating and transforming both sound and video through their movements until they create the perfect audio-visual environment for their dance. The possibility to influence and control the environment provokes the performers to incorporate these changes and modulations into their performance. The physical limitation of body and sensor interface creates a specific body language.

The Mocapton project started in 2012 with the Azamen series of performances, created with choreographers Sofia Georgieva, Aleksandar Mandzhukov, director Mariy Rosen, interactive designer Albena Baeva and costume designer Petya Boyukova.In 2015, choreographer Agata Maszkiewicz and digital artist Albena Baeva worked to further develop the Mocapton during their Identity Move research residency.

The Mocapton interface is developed by Runabout project team of engineers, costume designer, interaction designer and dancers. The costumes are being developed by Albena Baeva, Petya Boyukova, Michail Vrachansky, Stefan Donchev and Yordan Stoyanov. The Mocapton project is still a work in progress. It was presented at The Bazaar (2015, Prague), Dimanche Rouge (2013, Helsinki), Youth Fair (2012, Sofia), ACT Independent Theatre Festival (2012, Sofia), Music Lab (2012, Sofia).

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