A still image from the video Flag,  © Albena Baeva, 2023 A solo exhibtion at […]

Doll House

installation view from Sofia Art Week vol.5 at Doza Gallery mixed reality installation, 2022 based […]

Solidarity Machine

photos by Wolfgang Strack and Albena Baeva, works featured in the images by various artists […]


2022, PLA, 3D print, 50 x 16 x 18 cm remixed models found online by: A […]

Random Animal Seeds

oil paintings on canvas, 150 x 150 cm, 2022 This alien portraits are generated with […]

The Quest

Short experimental video with augmented reality, 2022 An artificial intelligence (AI) sent an artefact to […]

The AI Commandments

A mixed reality installation, 2021 An artificial intelligence sent an artefact to humans that consisted […]

Manifesto of Manifestos

video, 2021 Artistic collective: Ulyana Avvakumova, Albena Baeva, Evdokia Bannikova, Gulnara Ameri, Maria Kolpakova, Yulia […]

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